Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cranberry and pink color combo

It's the WEEK-END and I am so happy. What a hectic week last week was!

Shopping has been minimal these days so my posts are not that frequent. I did manage to grab two blog-worthy items. Both have similar hues of cranberry and pink, which seems to be a trend right now.

The first item is a color block clutch from The Limited. I grabbed it during one of their 50-off the entire store deals. They offer these sales for a limited (no pun intended) number of hours every once in a while, and I usually get a heads up about them in an email. The clutch was normally $49.50 but I paid half of that. I just loved the deep rich colors and thought it was be a great fall (or even winter) bag. I became so into clutches this year; when going to dinner or a family get-together they make so much more sense than a huge bag. I also liked the quality of this clutch and I expect to get some use out of it.

The next item is one I "slept on" --- I didn't love it the first time I saw it and when I eventually changed my mind, I found that I had waited too long. The tiny dot tee from J. Crew Factory reminds me of this scarf that I bought last Labor Day. I suppose that is why I wasn't in love with it because I already had the scarf. But as someone who owns multiple Heartthrob and leopard print items, I should know by know that different items have different uses.

What do you think of these items? Do you love the red/pink color combo as well?


  1. I like the pink and cranberry combo though I'm trying (ha, trying very hard but not often successful) to stay with certain colors. Don't ask me about items, I'm horribly guilty of buying multiple items with the same print. ;)

  2. I think I will wear nearly any color but I prefer to wear bright pants and skirts with neutral tops so help it "work" better for me.

    I always feel guilty buying multiple items with the same print but I think the guilt is what makes it fun! Something I'm "not supposed to do" LOL

    Thanks for commenting!