Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day

Obviously this is a fashion blog but I like to take opportunities where applicable to talk about more serious issues. Today is observed as Veteran's Day since it was technically yesterday. Although the meaning of holidays sometimes gets lost on us in the midst of shopping sales, days off from work, etc. I want to acknowledge today. My little brother is serving in the Navy right now and I am very proud of him. Thanks to all our servicemen and servicewomen -- not just today, but everyday. You are appreciated.

I did more shopping than I wanted to this weekend due largely to all the "friends and family" sales going on. I passed on LOFT a few days ago but decided that I needed two items. I picked up this floral pencil skirt and this scarf. I love the autumn colors of the pencil skirt -- golden yellow, magenta, pumpkin orange! And I love the blue leopard print of the scarf. I was able to get the 40 percent off "friends and family" discount, which is still going on today if you want to take advantage.

Speaking of friends and family, I am obsessed with Kate Spade "Gumdrop" earrings! I overdosed on them this weekend and bought THREE pairs. They retail for $38 but this is "friends and family" weekend at Bloomingdale's so they were 20 off! I knew I wanted the green, but I couldn't leave the blue and yellow behind so I have all three. I expect to wear them a lot as I have been getting so much use out of my J Crew bubble earrings.

GAP card holders get a discount this weekend too, so I ordered these cord leggings in "tropic green" and this logo sweatshirt, which will be my first GAP logo sweatshirt ever. I had visions of me wearing it with leggings sitting around sipping tea and decided I needed it.

Lastly, I love this animal print sweatshirt from Old Navy, which was offering 20 off the other day.

 What do you think? Anyone have these items already?


  1. Thanks to your brother for his service! LOVE those gumdrop earrings!

  2. Thanks! These earrings are AMAZING... everything I like about the bubble earrings but with a slightly different look.

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