Saturday, November 17, 2012

J. Crew and Factory sale

I love that J. Crew Factory lets you use their $125 coupon over and over again, and with the in store promotions it turns into a good deal. I picked up the much blogged about tartan perfect shirt, plus another holiday colored plaid perfect shirt and the Wildcat top seen on Beach Chic Style.

Also went to J. Crew and thought I was underwhelmed (for once) by the sale section, I couldn't pass up the retro jade wool cafe capris for under $20. I love the color but the problem is I already have a retro jade wool skirt from the factory. I rationalized that if you love the color, why not have more than one option. Plus the price was just too good.

Anyone have these items? Please share your opinions!


  1. Hi. I have the retro jade cafe capris and ordered the pencil skirt with the 30% off. I can't get enough of this color!! Congrats on getting your capris for less than $20!!

  2. Thanks! I love the color and the cafe capri pants. I had to go buy the lilac capri pants after seeing them on your blog!

  3. I finally ordered the cafe capris in retro jade too. I have the pencil skirt too! It is a great color though, and somedays you're in the mood for pants rather than a skirt, right??

    1. Absolutely! Glad to know I am not the only one! :)