Sunday, February 17, 2013

J. Crew and Factory purchases

I was so happy to receive my J. Crew cardholder reward in the mail recently. It enabled me to do some "guilt-free" shopping. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I am making a real attempt to limit spending in 2013 because I don't really need more clothes. (Of course this is easier said than done, but I've been pretty good so far.)

I held on to the reward card for a week (it took such discipline!) before using it because I was waiting for a 30-off sale items promotion in store (which tends to be a better deal than online, where you often also have to pay $9 shipping.) I was waiting specifically for these to reach an "acceptable" price -- the Liberty toothpick jeans in Emma and Georgina Floral. These were one of the rare items that I would almost be willing to pay full price for -- except that full price was $150! 

I am happy to have purchased them for $60 after discounts (although technically they were "free" with my reward. I almost caved in and ordered them online several times, assuming I would order my "normal" toothpick size.  I am so glad I didn't do that. I spent 20 minutes in the dressing room trying to choose between two sizes -- one that was snugger than I would have liked, and the other that was looser in areas than jeggings should be. After some advice from the SA, I opted to go with the snugger pair with the hope that the material (2% spandex) would stretch over time, or that I would learn to put the frosted icing cookies down!

I also bought the wool-silk ("Cape Cod") map scarf because it was on sale and it was so cute! In store with discounts it came out to be about $24.

I later made my way to the Factory and I was just so excited to see they have a version of the Blythe blouse in Heartthrob print. I knew that was coming home with me after seeing Ruffles and Sequins style it so many ways. I also grabbed the Crewlet's version of the scoopneck "anchors aweigh" blouse, which I loved on Colorful Corporate. I am so happy that the Factory "reissued" these great prints! There was more that I wanted to buy but I ended my shopping with just those two items.

Have you bought anything from J. Crew on sale this week? Have you purchased from the Factory in the last month?


  1. Thank you for the mention, TC! Haha! So glad I influenced your choice on the heartthrob print! Seriously, it goes so well with everything. It's become my go-to shirt and I get so many compliments on it. I too went to the factory site and got some more hearts stuff (like I needed it!) and snagged the girls' poet blouse and cardigan in the hearts. An intervention might be happening soon ;) Hope you have fun with the heartthrob shirt!

    1. Wore it once but I just love it! I think I need the iPhone case now! Thanks for being here!

  2. It took the Factory long enough to get the heart throb shirt. I have the black and white one and absolutely love it. If I hadn't already found a dupe of the red on at Forever 21 I would have purchased the Factory version.

    BTW, I love my heart throb iphone case! Definitely recommend it. I get so many compliments on it.

    I love seeing your purchases!


  3. Funny, I actually saw a dead on knockoff of the heartthrob print blouse in TJMAXX last night. I guess it has reached several other stores.

    Yeah, I am totally getting that iPhone case! Just waiting for a good sale!

    Thanks for your comment!